Triadimefon 250 G/KG

Active ingredient: Triadimefon 250 g/l


Properties and advantages:

  • Contact-systemic fungicide of protective and therapeutic action.
  • Provides excellent control of powdery mildew, rot, rust and other diseases of field crops and vineyards in various climatic conditions.
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.
  • Stops disease after three to five days from the moment of infection with the pathogen.
  • Treatment with Baylefon increases the content of chlorophyll, carotenoids, xanthophil and nucleic acids in the leaves. Such leaves are thicker and greener with increased immunity and resistance to phytopathogens.
  • Has anti-stress properties, increases frost and drought resistance. Promotes plant health.
  • Does not exhibit phytotoxicity.
  • The Baylefon is compatible with most neutral chemical pesticides.
  • Can be used up to four times per season as needed.
  • Low toxicity for birds and useful entomofauna.
  • Preparation number 1 for protecting grain crops from powdery mildew and types of rust