The active ingredients: mancozeb, 640 g / kg and metalaxyl, 80 g / kg.

  • Metalaxyl belongs to phenylamides, a class of acylalanines and has a systemic effect.
  • Mancozeb belongs to the class of dithiocarbamates and exhibits contact activity.


Purpose: Combined contact and systemic fungicide to protect crops from a complex of diseases.


Spectrum of action: Recommended for the fight against diseases caused by peronospore fungi - late blight and macrosporiosis of potatoes, late blight and alternariosis of tomatoes, peronosporosis of cucumbers and onions, grape mildew.


Advantages of the drug:

  • Double action - contact and systemic.
  • Protection against infection by pathogens from outside and from inside.
  • Long-term preventive and curative effect.


Mechanism of action: Possesses prophylactic, curative and eradicating contact-systemic action.


Compatibility: Compatible in tank mixes with neutral or acidic pesticides. Before use, it is necessary to check the mixture for compatibility and phytotoxicity in relation to the treated culture.


Working fluid consumption:

  • On potatoes - 400 l / ha,
  • On open ground cucumbers - 400 - 600 l / ha,
  • On open ground tomatoes - 300 - 500 l / ha,
  • In the vineyards - 800 - 1000 l / ha,
  • Onion - 600 - 800 l / ha.