Thiamethoxam 252.5 G/L+ Difenoconazole 25 G/KG + Fludioxonil 25 G/KG

Active ingredient: Thiamethoxam 252.5 g/l, Difenoconazole 25, Fludioxonil 25


Advantages of the drug:

  • Effectively protects seedlings of winter wheat and potatoes from a wide range of pests and diseases.
  • The finished preparative formulation of the insectofungicidal preparation completely excludes possible errors in the preparation of tank mixtures.
  • Promotes uniform germination of seeds during sowing, which is important for the formation of a programmed plant density and creating favorable conditions during overwintering.
  • Stimulates the development of the root system, which enables the seedling to more effectively use the available soil moisture and mineral nutrients. A more developed root system contributes to an increase in the tillering coefficient - the main factor in increasing yields.
  • Minimizes the development of root rot of various etiologies, eliminates the emergence of resistance due to the combination of unique fungicidal active substances with different mechanisms of action.
  • Possesses a high margin of safety, acting in a wide range of plant growing conditions.
  • Increases the ability to withstand unfavorable environmental factors, especially during overwintering, due to the combination of the Vigor effect and the immunomodulatory properties of the drug components. On potatoes - postpones the start of late blight by an average of 7 days ․